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Behold, it is I, the bunnymun.

:iconquestern: :iconmoirailplz: :iconforestchick501:

Commissions are open, rules are as follows:
-No NSFW. At all. None.
-If the commission is of an OC, please provide references or descriptions of OC.
-I will not draw certain things that cross my line of comfort. Please respect that.
-You must NOTE me for my contact info, and do NOT share my info freely.

Prices are:
$15 for clean linearts or sketches
$25 for full color chibi
$20 for soft color pictures (ex. 'DumbReturn')
$30 for full color chibi with backgrounds
$35 for full color to-life scale with backgrounds
$30 for a set of thirty reaction icons

Those are for one subject pictures, any additional subjects will be +$5. The maximum limit for subjects in a commission is 8. Payment will be required /first and foremost/, and contact can be allowed during the process of creation.
So when I was a kidling, there was this SyFy movie series called 'Tremors', which in my opinion remains the ONLY DECENT MONSTER MOVIE/SERIES THEY HAD.

Basically, you got the middle of fuckin' nowhere 'Perfection Valley' in Nevada. And there are these giant mutant worms called Graboids that burrow through the dirt like gophers on crack. Main premise of the movies was these things endangering the residents of Perfection Valley, the only town for several miles surrounded by a mountain range. Oh but it doesn't end at the worms being FIFTY FUCKING FEET IN LENGTH. They /evolve/. They evolve to be ABOVE GROUND WHERE THEY CAN SEE HEAT AND MULTIPLY ASEXUALLY WHENEVER THEY HAVE FOOD. And if that doesn't scare you, THOSE then evolve into FLYING MOTHERFUCKERS.

Basically, this was my childhood happiness in movie form (Burt Gummer remains the first and only TV man I wanted to marry).


If I were to throw Noah Drugan, my TAL OC, into another series I'd throw him into Tremors. I can easily see Burt adopting Noah in between the time frames of the movies, especially given Burt kinda NEEDS someone to knock him off his paranoid ass. Noah would either be a normal kid just running away from home through Perfection, getting caught by one Graboid or another and getting rescued by Burt, or being one of the ten fucking billion of the experiments that the Tremors TV series had as plot.

Either way, they'd collide like absolute god-awful fireworks until Burt winds up in over his head and Noah is surprisingly the one who gets him out of danger/heals him up because Noah's always going to be a White Mage character.

Though I think crossing the TAL Noah over into Tremors might be interesting as well. Instead of the mountain, Noah pops up as a kid in the Valley and the Graboids avoid the fuck out of him until Burt finds him. Cue the angst of a Chachaoong growing up in a human populated town (Mu Young related much?) and being unable to summon weapons due to his power being primary healing.

But the Tremors series has been replaying the past few days and I realized I'd give my right boob meat to have this crossover in some form.
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Maru Casual by forestchick501
Maru Casual
So there was a meme in which muses could dress each other up with clothing choices off a catalog. The MuYoung and Ignatio that thread with my Maru chose these for him, and I loved the choices so much I decided to draw 'em.

I don't own Kang Maru, though, support the creator of him and the rest of TAL, Kang Im, on Naver~
Finale of Tale of TAL goes up Wednesday this week
Maru Attack by forestchick501
Maru Attack
Decided to try my hand at making a fake screenshot/fake panel for Maru using the sash part of his guns because WHY WOULDN'T YOU WANT TO LASSO PEOPLE WITH THAT?!

First sound effect at the left hand corner reads 'swoosh', the other closer to Maru reads 'throws' like 'to throw'.

I don't OWN Kang Maru, though. He's Kang Im's, the creator of TAL, support them on Naver okay~?
((I didn't forget about this don't worry. And ya'll better remember to support TAL on Naver to show Kang Im your love~))

Lunch was by far the best. All they did was walk around and grab things as their fancy was tickled, but it was that kind of thing Ignatio enjoyed. Maru didn't yell at him to slow down or not to wander off like his brother did; in fact he kept up with Ignatio's pace, just as excited.

After finding a stall selling gimbap, they decided to rest their feet for a bit, sitting a bench and chatting away about whatever came to mind.

It was simple and natural.

' wouldn't be so bad..'
Ignatio grinned as he cracked a really bad joke, Maru choking a bit on his drink as he laughed. 'I think I can see myself dating Chickpea like this. We're not doing anything like Lang described, all that stuff that he said that was boring.'

He scooted a bit closer and put his arm around Maru's shoulders, the blond suddenly going still and red.

"...Is this okay?"

Maru slowly relaxed under his limb and leaned his head to Ignatio's shoulder. "I don't mind it."

"Can I stay like this?"

His hand was tugged more firmly over the other, and his fingertips brushed a warm palm. "I-If you'd like to."

"I really would." He squeezed's Maru's fingers in his own. "Are you having fun?"

A little noise, two notes, positive. "Mhm."

"I'm glad." Ignatio's grin was a bit sheepish. "I've never been on a date before. It feels like we're just on an outing without Lang." Though he knew that wasn't the case, as his twin continued to suck at hiding.

Maru chuckled, his shoulder pressed to Ignatio's in a comfortable way. "I like that. This is...Nice."

"I think so too." The green-eyed twin leaned over Maru more, resting his head on Maru's. "...I wouldn't mind this more often."

He felt Maru stiffen.

"...Can I take you on another date, Chickpea?" Ignatio moved even closer, his arm looping around Maru's waist to hug him.

A quiet moment's pause. "...I'd love that." Maru's face had gone beautifully beet red, and Ignatio couldn't help moving involuntarily to kiss Maru on the cheek.

When the younger male promptly exploded in red and fell over, causing Ignatio to flail with worry, Mu Young sighed from their hiding spot in a nearby shop, Jin checking out a large foreign cookbook. "I guess those two will be fine."

"Great, can we go home now?" Baek-Jeong asked flatly.
Final Step (IgRu)
And thus sadly endedth the cuteness.

But this WAS squee-inducing for me to write~
Here Comes A Thought - MuRu by forestchick501
Here Comes A Thought - MuRu

Especially after the end of the first part of TAL.

I don't own the TAL characters, those belong to Kang Im support the webtoon on Naver, nor the song 'Here Comes A Thought' from Rebecca Sugar's 'Steven Universe'.

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